Autism & OT



Autism is a neuro-developmental disorder characterized by deficots in 3 primary areas -


  • Poor Social interactions


  • Poor or no Communication Skills


  • Stereotypical Repititive Behaviour patterns


These problems can be attributed to abnormal function in sensory areas, i.e.

  • Visual / sight
  • Auditory / hearing
  • Tactile / touch
  • Olfactory / smell
  • Gustatory / oro-motor

alongwith the Vestibular (balance & co-ordination) & Proprioceptive (body awareness & spatial orientation).


Through Occupational Therapy, we assess & formulate specialized programmes for each child taking care of his / her needs.  We use Sensory Integration Therapy tp take care of the sensory imbalance / dysfunction & help the child perform to the best of his / her abilities.