Psychiatrist's Message


Interacting with people is my passion and anything and everything that helps to understand human mind and psychology interests me .

Beautiful Mind Clinic is one unique psychiatric centre in Delhi which provides specialized mental health care, that includes a specialized psychiatric unit with pharmacological treatment for psychosis, addiction, depression, anxiety and other neurotic problems.

The other unit deals with psycho-social aspects giving equal weightage to educational, behavioral & emotional aspects.
Already, we are interacting and delivering lectures in schools on regular basis with topics ranging from drug abuse, How to study, learning disabilities and peer pressure. We have a team of psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, special educator and occupational therapist. Our Dream is to open first specialized child guidance centre with facilities like day care, special educational needs, in case of Mental Retardation, Specific learning disorder (Dyslexia, Reading, Writing, language, Mathematical and Poor motor co-ordination), Attention and Concentration Deficit, Hyperactivity difficulties, Behavior problems, Autism, Asperger's syndrome, sibling rivalry, phobia, anxiety and other emotional and adjustment problems.